Mechanical joint pipe submittal thumbnail image

AMERICAN Mechanical Joint Pipe Submittal

The AMERICAN Mechanical Joint provides easy installation under the most adverse conditions.

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AMERICAN Ductile Iron Flex-Ring® Joint Pipe Submittal

AMERICAN Flex-Ring® Restrained Joint Ductile Iron pipe, provides flexible, easily assembled, positive restraint against endwise separation due to thrust.

REXUS Manhole Covers Submittal thumbnail image

REXUS Manhole Covers Submittal

REXUS enables utility personnel to undertake visual inspections and routine maintenance of underground networks with the minimum effort and in complete safety.

REXUS Gratings Submittal thumbnail image

REXUS Gratings

REXUS gratings have been designed to allow jetting and other authorized maintenance personnel to gain access with minimum effort and in complete safety.

PAMREX manhole covers submittal thumbnail image

PAMREX Manhole Covers

Protecting field personnel from injury, and protecting the underground networks from catastrophic failure are two of the primary concerns facing engineers and municipal administrators in our industry. PAMREX Hinged Manhole Covers are the solution!

PAMTIGHT Manhole Covers Thumbnail Submittal

PAMTIGHT Manhole Covers

PAMTIGHT manhole covers are the optimum choice for applications where air and water-tightness are required.

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