Flange Fittings

We provide a complete line of standard as well as many special flanged fittings for various types of service, including water, sewage and air.

Victaulic Grooved Fittings

Victaulic Grooved Fittings provide standard fitting pressure ratings conform to ratings of installed coupling and All fittings supplied with grooves or shoulders for fast installation.

MJ Fittings

Mechanical joint fittings have been used extensively in underground service with Fastite joint pipe as well as mechanical joint pipe.
The design of mechanical joint fittings is based on their use with pipe that has standard outside diameters for mechanical joint and Fastite joint pipe. In planning a mechanical joint connection to an old existing pipeline, the outside diameter should be carefully checked where the connection is to be made.

Flex Ring Fittings

We provide a line of 4″-48″ Flex-Ring fittings that meets the applicable requirements of AWWA C110 or C153, depending on diameter and configuration. These fittings employ the standard Fastite or Fast-Grip gasket seal, and the joints meet the applicable requirements of AWWA C111. Flex-Ring fittings are boltless and use the Fastite gasket for joint sealing.

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Need Specialty Pipe?

Restrained joint ends, welded on bosses and beveled filler flanges are just a few things we can provide. Contact our experts today to start working on your custom product.

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As a member of the National Association of Pipe Fabricators, we are third-party inspected by The National Sanitation Foundation (N.S.F.) to ensure the highest quality workmanship and full compliance with ANSI/AWWA standards.